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Bulfinch Bedchamber series

In this series we will build a bedroom of the American Federal period. The exterior is to be a free-standing cabinet of stained wood. The interior will depict the scene of an adult bedchamber in use by mother and child. The time period is about 1790 in the vicinity of Boston.

The posts in this series are (or will be):

  • Introduction
  • Survey of the exterior of the box
  • Plan of the space inside the box
  • Exterior prep
  • Exterior finish
  • Interior prep
  • Windows
  • Fireplace
  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Floor
  • Finish trim
  • Shadowbox scenery

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Bulfinch Bedchamber exterior survey

Materials, Fit and Finish

This is the third roombox I have purchased from this same manufacturer. I really like the designs and this one is a special request by me for a wider single-room version. These boxes are made one-by-one in a small wood shop, so each one has its own character. This one has joints that are a bit sloppy and a few other blemishes that will need to be filled. Do I sound a bit critical? Sorry. The problem is me, I’ve gotten picky. Things that I hardly noticed in the past jump to my eye, now. Probably time that I start making my own boxes.

Test Fit of BoxThis is what the box will look like once assembled. The drawer is three inches deep so that it can hold most furniture items that I might seasonally swap out of a room. The room is about 10″ deep and 15″ wide on the inside. For a pine box it has decent details on the edges. The walls a 1/4″ plywood that has a finished birch veneer on the exterior.

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Back-story for Miniature Projects

Whenever I create a new miniature room or building, I like to have a detailed story to go with it. Many people do this and some even populate the scene with dolls and personalize the project by including the name of the character in the title for the piece, such as “Grandma Gertie’s Kitchen”, or some such. I do not create or use miniature replicas of people in my work, but I do try to personalize the stories or do actual historical settings. Continue reading

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OSV Bedroom SceneSometimes I know just what I want to make before I begin gathering materials. Other times, like now, one component speaks to me and tells me what it wants to be. I have a prototype roombox that has been on my project shelf for over a year. Last month it finally told me what it wants to be. “I’m a Federal Bedchamber” is what it said. Immediately, scenes from Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) came into my head. So did the year 1790. That tied back to the little office I built for Captain Stone, and then to the toys in the attic of that miniature setting. Boom, an idea in full bloom. The room will have an adult bed, a child bed, a highboy, and a Continue reading

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